Friday, April 22, 2016

Top 5 Bracket Extension I used All The Times

Hi guys, this post I will talk about top 5 Bracket extension that you should use to be more productive. 

1. Beautify : This is the extension I install at first after installing Bracket. This extension will help you to beautify your code just press ctrl+shift+L.

2. Tabs-Cutome-Working : This is one of handy extension this extension helps you to move one file to another using keyboard to use this extension press ctrl+tab.


3. Phaser-Chain : If your are a PhaserJs developer then this extension will be your best friend to use this extension press ctrl+i.

Phaser chain

4. Bracket-Icons : This is extension is very beautiful, it creates files icons according to file types.

5. Todo : I know you are commented your code so lets do it more effectively. To use this extension comment like this in your code : 
// todo : this is a comment.
press ctrl+atr+t see the magic.

** Themes : Use a theme that is convenient to your eyes. I usually use new-one-dark, monaki, and bracket default dark theme. there are so many nice themes are available in Bracket repository choose yours.

So this is the end of this post if you have any query feel free to post in comment.